Dawn at 40

When I was a kid, the first book I learned to read (or maybe memorized) was called “Dawn”. It is a beautiful book. This morning, Bret and I got up in the dark and took the dogs to the beach so I could release some paper lanterns into the universe for my 40th. It was the best part of a wonderful day and when we were done, we stood there, at dawn, looking down the channel and I thought of being a little girl and that book, and the pictures, the words, and how the pages felt when I turned them. It looked so much like this. It was a book about peace, about quiet, about love, and about being on the edge of the world while we tilt around the sun. Seems like the perfect thing to come to mind on the dawn of my 41st year around the sun.

Sheep Creek Beach

Originally posted February 3, 2016

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